About Us


"Together for a healthier Albanian"

Dr.med. Aurora Dollenberg

In addition to physicians, public health specialists, scientists, and epidemiologists, AMFE staff includes people trained to manage administrative, financial, and information systems, as well as experts in the fields of health statistics, economics, and emergency assistance.
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The central focus of AMFE is to promote health, to keep the world safe and to serve all Albanians in Europe. AMFE is structured around key strategic interrelated priorities:

  • ensuring healthy living and well-being for all ages
  • achieving universal health coverage; addressing health emergencies
  • promoting a healthier population

They are supported by three strategic shifts

  • leadership growth
  • promoting the impact of public health in every country where Albanians are
  • concentration of influential European public goods

AMFE is committed to ensuring gender equality, equality and rights-based approaches to health that increase participation, build capacity and empower communities.

My vision is a world in which everyone can live healthy, productive lives, no matter who they are or where they live. I believe that the global commitment to sustainable development – included in the Sustainable Development Goals – offers a unique opportunity to address the social, economic and political determinants of health and to improve the health and well-being of people everywhere. Achieving this vision will require a strong, effective AMFE that is able to meet evolving challenges and achieve the health objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. We need an AMFE – appropriate for the 21st century – that belongs to all, equally. We need an AMFE that is efficiently managed, adequately sourced and driven by results, with a strong focus on transparency, accountability and value for money.

International Team

Dr. Gazmend Berisha
International Coordinator
Msc. Gjergji Pashaj
Secretary for Albanian Countries
Dr. Fatjona R. Lubonja
Research Officer
Ms. Bernarda Radoncic
Medical Technology Officer
(Danimarke )
Arnold Kapxhiu
Web Developer - IT
Demir Cërriku
Graphic Designer

International Council

Prof.Dr. Kita Sallabanda Diaz
President-Spanish Society of Radiosurgery Professor of Neurosurgery University of Complutense Madrid-Spain
Dr. Skender Brataj
Director of the Albanian National Center (QKUM), Emergency Specialist
Prof. Dr. Vedat Eljezi
University Professor Gabriel Montpied-France
Prof.Dr. Fadil Çitaku
Supervisor at ETH Zurich Director -Academy of Ledership Sciences Switzerland
Dr. Negjyp Sopa
Director of Gynecology Clinic in Danemark, Gynecologist
The annual member meeting is held when the members agree on the agenda for the Meeting. The main functions of the Board are the implementation of AMFE decisions and protocols, and advising the population to ensure a health of European standards.


Minimum requirements (building blocks) for a GEP
Public GEP: formal document published on the institution’s website and signed by the top management, addressing the following issues:
− Dedicated resources: commitment of human resources and gender expertise to implement it.
− Data collection and monitoring: sex/gender disaggregated data on personnel and students and annual reporting based on indicators.
− Training: Awareness raising/trainings on gender equality and unconscious gender biases for staff and decision-makers.
− Minimum areas to be covered and addressed via concrete measures and targets: o work-life balance and organisational culture;

o gender balance in leadership and decision-making;
o gender equality in recruitment and career progression;
o integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching content;
o measures against gender-based violence including sexual harassment.