What do we do

AMFE works around europe and albanian countries to promote health and serve those affected. Our goal is to ensure more albanian and europian people have universal health coverage, protect from health emergencies, and provide for better health. We focus on primary health care to improve access to essential quality services and support participation of albanian and europian people in national health policies to improve monitoring, data and information. We prepare for emergencies by identifying, mitigating and managing risks prevent emergencies ansupport the development of the tools needed during outbreaks.

Through our work, we promote of mental and physical health. AMFE advise about the climate change, antimicrobial resistance elimination and eradication of high-impact infectious diseases.

Where we work

We support albanian people, patients and funds and foundations, civil society organizations and the private sector – to achieve their health objectives.


Many albanian doctors and medical students from all European countries has participated in the many activieties of AMFE, with its headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany. Many other doctors und medical students support us in our work.

Work program 2019-2020

The central focus of AMFE is to promote health, to keep the world safe and to serve all Albanians in Europe. AMFE is structured around key strategic interrelated priorities:

  • ensuring healthy living and well-being for all ages;
  • achieving universal health coverage;
  • addressing health emergencies and promoting a healthier population
  • They are supported by three strategic shifts:
  • leadership growth;
  • promoting the impact of public health in every country; and,
  • concentration of global public goods in influence.

AMFE is committed to ensuring gender equality, equality and rights-based approaches to health that increase participation, build capacity and empower communities.