13.12.19 in Tetov- Nord Macedonia was held a scientific conference, in which the lecturer was a doctor with different profiles, among which Prof.Elezi, which was attended by many doctors and students of medicine.

Statistical data
The latest data available from the Global Health Observatory

Population of Albanians in Italy (2016) 800.000
Gross National Income per capita ($ PPP International, 2013) 3600
Life expectancy at birth m / f (years, 2016) 78/82
Probability of death under five (per 1,000 live births, 2018) 5
Probability of death between 15 and 60 years m / f (per 1,000 population, 2016) 68/39
Total health expenditures per capita (Intl $, 2014) 3239
Total health expenditures as% of GDP (2014) 9.2